A breakfast to inspire

A hearty welcome to your morning at Rodos Park

You know what it is that brings you to Rhodes and the Rodos Park. To enjoy unique blend of relaxation, luxury and discovery; to feel the allure of its centuries of storied history; to walk in the footsteps of all those who have lived, loved, worked and played on this wondrous island; to unwind on its beautiful beaches or next to the pool with a cocktail in hand. Every day here brings you a treasure chest of treats and fulfilling experiences. And so every day should get off to the ideal start. This is why at Rodos Park, we take extra special care with the moment you open your eyes in the morning. To put it another way, breakfast here is not just breakfast. It is an inspiration.

A breakfast to inspire

The taste of things to come

Breakfast is the first vital taste of all the good things in store for you throughout the day ahead. Just ask anyone who has visited us. They will give you an account of the beloved Rodos Park breakfast as glowing as the island’s summer sunrise. And it is this love and fame that spur us on to making it even bigger and better.

Food glorious food

So, just what is all the fuss about? Breakfast is served every day as a sumptuous buffet at La Brasserie. It features a wide selection of local recipes and international favourites, with a veritable cornucopia of both sweet and savoury delights. You can be sure that everything you eat consists of authentic local produce and ingredients. Nothing beats the taste when nature offers you the privilege of freshly-laid farm eggs. The extravaganza of colour set before your eyes in the form of a mountain of fresh fruit, homemade jams, original highly-prized honeys, spoon sweets and enticing cakes is something of which Van Gogh or Monet would have been proud. And you’ll be overjoyed to find that the flavours more than live up to their appearance. Once you’ve taken the first bite of a juicy orange or scrumptious water melon cheered on to maturity by our friendly Mediterranean sun, there is no going back! And such is the artistry of the cakes that you may think twice about actually eating them…but you’ll force yourself!

All praise to the pie

The pies that always grace the morning spread and their creator deserve a special shout-out. Imagine a culinary genius able to capture the essence of Rhodes itself, its true spirit and taste, and put it all in a delicious pie. Let us introduce you to that genius; Ms Margarita, pie maker extraordinaire, baking goodness and tradition into every single morning.

Good morning Greece

As you gaze upon the mouth-watering array, contemplating your choices, you’ll notice a section especially dedicated to the certified Greek Breakfast initiative. This brings the Rhodian and Greek influences to the fore in a symphony of sweetness. If, as Shakespeare put it, music be the food of love, who says this doesn’t work the other way round as well? Sun-ripened fruit, golden olive oil, velvety yoghurt; each a separate melody in a mellifluous note-perfect medley of healthy home-grown treasures.

Something to drink

With all these superfoods, it goes without saying that all manner of smoothies can be conjured up for your delectation. Naturally, there is also a range of tea and coffee. Is your preference a herbal or fruity blend of tea or a hip espresso or freddo? Or do you hanker after the more traditional comforts of a Greek coffee with the perfect foam, ‘kaimaki’, on top or a frappe to last, in typically Greek fashion, the entire span of any conversation!

The art of a Rodos Park breakfast

If you are beginning to think the breakfast experience is just about the food, think again. The scene is one of consummate style and elegance. Polished and glistening, the silverware is one of the first things to catch your eye in the morning sun. Next is the finest china. What else would do? Perhaps, even a sip of champagne to launch the first act of a perfect Rhodian Summer’s day. On Wednesdays a local pianist is on hand to tickle the ivories as you enjoy the morning victuals. And then why stay indoors necessarily when a rejuvenating poolside breakfast offers a cooling breeze, the first rays of sun glinting on the water and the scent of flowers in full bloom wafting through the air. Finally, why go to breakfast, when breakfast can come to you in the Executive Park Suite. Tuck into a pile of pancakes as you stay tucked into soft white bed sheets, embracing the golden strands of daybreak and that warm feeling inside that comes from such open-hearted hospitality.

Book directly an Executive Park Suite for complimentary breakfast in bed and extra pampering

The perfect set-up

As quickly and as joyfully as you blink on a summer day, you realise that the breakfast experience at Rodos Park takes luxury, elegance and hospitality to new heights; a shining example of our promise of Filoxenia at Heart. It is the perfect way to welcome you to the majesty of a holiday with us on rhapsodic Rhodes, boost your energy and set you up with food for your mind, body and soul at the beginning of each and every day of your stay.

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